How to Pick the Perfect City for Wisconsin Family Vacations

Some people may go for flashy hotspots like New York City or Hollywood when choosing their ideal family vacation and completely overlook what Wisconsin family vacations have to offer. It’s easy to miss the real undervalued gems of America when you’re busy being bedazzled by the promise of glamour offered by the big cities. With the big-ticket vacation spots, it’s true that you may get more well-known attractions, but you also have to deal with high crime rates and more expensive prices for everything from hotel rooms to meals. Wisconsin, located in the heart of the Midwest, is a destination that doesn’t get nearly as much attention as other spots, but it’s one that is filled with family fun and untouched natural beauty. Wisconsin family vacations are perfect for those who want to go for the unconventional adventure.

Once you’ve decided to explore the great dairyland of America, there are a few things you need to research before booking your ticket. There are many different regions and cities within the state that could make for many different but equally exciting Wisconsin family vacations.

For football fans, the city of Green Bay might be the best choice. Home to Lambeau Field, where the Packers play, Green Bay has plenty to do for the household’s sports fan. The stadium features a tour, as well as an exhibit called the Green Bay Packer Hall of Fame that features the exciting history of the legendary team. If there’s a member of the family who isn’t a football fanatic, the town also features a railroad museum, zoo, wildlife sanctuary and Bay Beach Amusement Park, which has carnival rides and a roller coaster.

Milwaukee is Wisconsin’s largest, and undoubtedly, most well-known city. It offers something for every type of person, whether they are into architecture, art, history, theater, the great outdoors, or just general fun. The city is filled with museums of all types, including the famous Harley-Davidson Museum. Milwaukee, a renowned center of beer manufacturing, also houses dozens of breweries and pubs. And no matter what time of year you decide to plan Wisconsin family vacations for, you are likely to hit a time when one of the city’s many festivals is held. These festivals are world-famous and feature all sort of cultures, music and gastronomic delights.

Madison contains a number of attractions, including the State Capitol building, perfect for any history buff. The Veterans Museum showcases the history and efforts of Wisconsin veterans from the American Civil War to the most current battles. State Street is filled with shops, museums, cafes and interesting restaurants, and also serves as the connector between the Capitol Building and the campus of the University of Wisconsin. Also, being a college town, Madison always offers different cultural events in which to partake.

Wisconsin Dells is a well-known, beloved spot for vacationers of all ages, due to its awe-inspiring rock formations. If water parks are what get your family excited, there are plenty of them to choose from here. Staying at a resort with a waterslide and other water-related attractions might be just the thing to keep that overwhelming summer heat at bay. The city also features various boat cruise services that offer your family the natural beauty of a day on the water.

Ever wanted to see the Mississippi River? La Crosse might just be the perfect location to get your first glimpse of “The Big Muddy.” While there is a downtown area in La Crosse, complete with bars, restaurants and a civic center filled with events, the real heart of La Crosse is its natural attractions. For an expansive view of the city and water, there is no better place than Riverside Park. The Bluffs contains many gorgeous trails that lead to the best view available in the state. The parks and sights in this city are among the best in the country, great for any admirer of nature’s beauty.

Other major Wisconsin cities include Appleton, Wausau, Door County, Eau Claire, Kenosha and Racine, each with its own history, culture, museums and various other attractions that are exciting for any diverse group of travelers.

Choosing which city to stay in is the first and most important part of the family vacation planning process. Once you’ve set your sights on the city that will best suit the needs of your family, you have other important choices to make. Each city features a plethora of hotels for every type of budget, as well as a variety of excellent restaurants to choose from, so ultimately you can decide exactly what sort of experience you will have on your trip. No matter what the specific details of your trip end up being, however, the bottom line is that Wisconsin family vacations offer something for everyone.

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