Why Wisconsin Travel May Be Right for You

Let’s face it, most tourists, when choosing the location for their latest vacation, head to the same few places, and often the idea of a Wisconsin travel adventure doesn’t enter their minds. Big cities, like Los Angeles and New York City, are filled to the brim with like-minded tourists who all want to go to the same places and eat in the same restaurants. If crowded streets and overpriced costs aren’t for you, you may want to consider a less traditional vacation spot such as Wisconsin instead.

Below are a few reasons why Wisconsin travel may be just the ticket for you:

1. The Beauty of Nature

Some have said that there is no place in the United States more gorgeous than Wisconsin, with its many natural wonders. You can get a Wisconsin travel guide to show you through the best of the Apostle Islands sea caves and breathtaking beaches, or you can explore the waterfalls and forests by yourself like a true adventurer. The Cave of the Mounds is a national natural landmark that is a must-see for anybody who is interested in discovering for themselves the mysteries that rest within. Lakes, parks, trails, marshes and sandstone bluffs are only a few of the types of natural attractions you can check out in the state.

2. Awaken the Football Fan Within.

If you’re a football fan, you’ve surely heard of the Green Bay Packers. Take a tour of Lambeau Field and City Stadium to see where sports history has been and continues to be made.

Even if you are traveling with someone who isn’t a sports fan, there is plenty to do in Green Bay for the average energetic tourist. While you enjoy the world of football that Green Bay has to offer, your non-sports-fanatic companion can explore one of the many other attractions in town.

Green Bay is home to such attractions as the Bay Beach Amusement Park, equipped with carnival rides and a massive roller coaster; the National Railroad Museum; a wildlife sanctuary; and a botanical garden.

3. Experience Festivals that Celebrate All Types of Cultures.

Milwaukee is Wisconsin’s largest city, so it’s no surprise that it’s also the city in Wisconsin most likely to celebrate cultures from all over the world on a regular basis. Sometimes called the City of Festivals, Milwaukee has activities on a yearly basis downtown in Henry Maier Festival Park.

Summerfest holds the world record title for the biggest musical festival in the world. It’s ten days of the biggest bands in the world at the end of June. There are also plenty of ethnic and cultural festivals, such as the African World Festival, the Asian Moon Festival, German Fest, Irish Fest and Pride Fest.

Additional festivals include Beer Fest, the Kite Festival, and Jazz in the Park, held in other parks throughout the year. No matter what time of year you decide to travel, you are bound to find yourself amidst a grand celebration.

4. Museums, Art and Culture Galore

Regardless of what city in Wisconsin you go to, you will find some of the finest museums and cultural attractions in the United States.

No matter what type of traveler or tourist you are, you are bound to find the best of the best in Wisconsin. Now’s the time to book that flight and see what Wisconsin travel has to offer you.